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Vet Your Lawyer Interview Now Available

I had the pleasure of being interviewed recently by Nat Colley for his series on Vet Your Lawyer.

We discussed the topic of negotiation and more specifically, negotiating with your own attorney.  I won’t ruin the listening experience by rehashing it here – but suffice it to say, the Five Fundamental Skills made a significant presence.

Thanks again to Nat for his time!


Firesale Conference Call: Thursday, November 20 @ 5pm ET

If you haven’t already started getting calls from your vendors with better-than-average offers if you’ll just buy now, you’re bound to get them soon.  It’s called the End-of-Year Firesale… when quotas are important and sales numbers appear to make or break careers.  How are YOU going to respond when the calls start to come?

Join the Licensinghandbook Blog on Thursday, November 20 at 5pm ET, when we will be hosting a procurement-related conference call session on how to negotiate through the typical end-of-year deals commonly seen (and the expected “extras” as a result of the current economic state).  Stephen Guth from the VMO Blog will get the topic rolling, but the remainder of the time is for discussion amongst the participants.  We’re expecting a great session and one filled with dozens of hints, tips, tricks and tactics.

For this reason, participation is by-request-only for buyers via the form below and will only be guaranteed to the first 25 registrants.  The session will be free to attend, but you are responsible for your own long-distance phone charges (the call is to a number within the continental US). Please make sure your e-mail and contact data entered below are correct, as this is where the participant details will be sent!

Please fill out the form below to register: 

CIO Forum this week

This Tuesday through Friday, I’ll be onboard the Norwegian Dawn for the 2008 CIO Forum. I’m participating on a 2-person panel talking about strategies for receiving more value from your IT-related purchases. We’re going to cover the Five Fundamental Skills for Effective Negotiation and you’ll even get a free copy of the Software License Risk Matrix!

If you’re one of the attendees, please look me up… Deck 11, second room from the bow, starboard side – we don’t have to talk about software licensing… I swear.

Additionally, for those people interested in either purchasing a copy of the Software License Risk Matrix or in redeeming my special offer for a FREE copy for those people who own the Software Licensing Handbook… I’m sorry to say that I’ll be slightly delayed in getting your Matrix out to you as I will not have internet access on the ship.  But I will fulfill all orders/redemptions by Saturday at noon (ET)!

Thanks for your Votes!

I just received notice that I’ve been selected to be one of five finalists in the “Software Idol” competition at the Business of Software Conference next month in San Jose!

I didn’t realize that the competition was anything more than getting to speak at the conference, but thanks to your votes, I’m among the five finalists. We’ll each have 11 minutes to speak on our specific topic – then instantaneously, we’ll find out the results.

So, if you’re in the San Jose area and have some time October 29th/30th, I would highly recommend coming down… if for no other reason than to hear Guy Kawasaki, Joel Spolsky, Eric Sink, Bill Buxton and Rick Chapman (among others). These folks are all at the forefront of the software business – and are shaping its future form. Oh, and yeah, you can hear my 11 minute talk on the Five Fundamental Skills for Effective Negotiation, too.

Thank you all again!

Business of Software

The world is getting smaller by the minute, significantly made possible by the internet. People connect in more ways than ever and it’s interesting to dissect the connections themselves.

Joel Spolsky is a software developer, author, renaissance man. His company, Fog Creek Software, not only produces cool tools, but the company itself is a model for others in how to treat your employees with respect and admiration. He also runs a few websites, among them and, as part of that, a discussion board on the Business of Software. Conversations happen on a daily basis between developers and business folks alike – all working on the problems that smaller, usually independent software developers face when creating products.

One of the participants on the the board (and a co-founder of Red Gate Software), Neil Davidson, is helping assemble the 2007 Business of Software Conference. This event is essentially a live version of some of the discussions that happen frequently (plus a lot of bonus material). Additionally, one of my favorite speakers (besides Joel) is going to present this year, Guy Kawasaki.

Feeling a little overconfident, I contacted the organizers and asked if they wanted someone to talk about licensing or negotiation. Come to find out, they have a few slots available – and were going to try something a bit novel to fill them: Software Idol. Each hopeful has 3 minutes to pitch an idea, posted on YouTube. Business of Software newsletter subscribers get to vote. The top three get to come to the conference to present their idea.

It took a few days to arrange, but here’s my submission. Shameless plug: If you’re a Business of Software newsletter member, please vote!

And if you want to attend the conference, I would highly suggest it for almost anyone reading this blog – you’ll learn a lot about the fundamentals of this interesting business.

Speaking Engagements

Happy Sunday!

This special Sunday edition of the Licensing Handbook Blog is being sent out in lieu of the regular Tuesday post. I’m going to speak at the IT Asset Management Conference in Las Vegas on Wednesday… so I’ll be in the air much of Tuesday.

If you find yourself in Vegas – and get bored of the usual things to do there – come on down to the Mirage and hear me talk about the licensing decision making process and performance guarantees. And, if you had a hankering to buy the book, I made the mistake of offering it at a significantly discounted for conference attendees.

Yes, I realize this is short notice. So: here’s your next chance:

Technology Procurement Conference in Chicago on July 9-11, 2007. I’ll be talking on the topics of “Drafting better Software Licenses” and “Open Source Software Considerations”. I’d love to see ya’ there!

But in both cases, I’ll be sure to have some carry-over topics to discuss here in the weeks that follow. So check back soon to see what you missed!