About the Software Licensing Handbook

Purchasing a computer or software in the last 30 years has inevitably brought you face to face with a software license. Whether you realize it or not, that license governs your use of the software and even how you could sell that computer or software later in its life. Software is only geting more pervasive and the ability to successfully negotiate a software license is no longer the sole realm of the large corporate buyer or seller.

As an individual, software controls your computer, your appliances, even your vehicle. Businesses of all sizes use software to make their products or bill their customers. And of course, software creators develop new software applications every day and need to know how to protect their rights.

It comes as no surprise that the license will be of key importance as software pervasiveness grows. From language nuances to tips and tricks for more experienced negotiators, the Software Licensing Handbook is designed to help both buyers and sellers navigate the complex waters of negotiating software licenses, regardless of comfort level. Written with the novice negotiator in mind, yet developed to help even the most seasoned professional maximize each experience, the Software Licensing Handbook is the must-have reference guide whenever you buy or sell software.

About Jeffrey I. Gordon

Jeff is an author, speaker and contract negotiator primarily involved in technology-related negotiations. As a featured speaker on a wide variety of licensing, management, contracts and negotiation topics, Jeff brings a unique blend of education, experience and humor to a practice that most people find abhorrent – namely, reading a contract from start to finish! He is particularly passionate about intellectual property rights issues relating to electronics and the Internet/online community. Jeff received his B.S. and J.D. from Valparaiso University and recently received his MBA from North Carolina State University.

Please feel free to contact Jeff with questions, comments or concerns about the Software Licensing Handbook, negotiation, or any of the topics discussed.
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