Speaking Engagements

Happy Sunday!

This special Sunday edition of the Licensing Handbook Blog is being sent out in lieu of the regular Tuesday post. I’m going to speak at the IT Asset Management Conference in Las Vegas on Wednesday… so I’ll be in the air much of Tuesday.

If you find yourself in Vegas – and get bored of the usual things to do there – come on down to the Mirage and hear me talk about the licensing decision making process and performance guarantees. And, if you had a hankering to buy the book, I made the mistake of offering it at a significantly discounted for conference attendees.

Yes, I realize this is short notice. So: here’s your next chance:

Technology Procurement Conference in Chicago on July 9-11, 2007. I’ll be talking on the topics of “Drafting better Software Licenses” and “Open Source Software Considerations”. I’d love to see ya’ there!

But in both cases, I’ll be sure to have some carry-over topics to discuss here in the weeks that follow. So check back soon to see what you missed!

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