Thanks for your Votes!

I just received notice that I’ve been selected to be one of five finalists in the “Software Idol” competition at the Business of Software Conference next month in San Jose!

I didn’t realize that the competition was anything more than getting to speak at the conference, but thanks to your votes, I’m among the five finalists. We’ll each have 11 minutes to speak on our specific topic – then instantaneously, we’ll find out the results.

So, if you’re in the San Jose area and have some time October 29th/30th, I would highly recommend coming down… if for no other reason than to hear Guy Kawasaki, Joel Spolsky, Eric Sink, Bill Buxton and Rick Chapman (among others). These folks are all at the forefront of the software business – and are shaping its future form. Oh, and yeah, you can hear my 11 minute talk on the Five Fundamental Skills for Effective Negotiation, too.

Thank you all again!

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