Firesale Conference Call: Thursday, November 20 @ 5pm ET

If you haven’t already started getting calls from your vendors with better-than-average offers if you’ll just buy now, you’re bound to get them soon.  It’s called the End-of-Year Firesale… when quotas are important and sales numbers appear to make or break careers.  How are YOU going to respond when the calls start to come?

Join the Licensinghandbook Blog on Thursday, November 20 at 5pm ET, when we will be hosting a procurement-related conference call session on how to negotiate through the typical end-of-year deals commonly seen (and the expected “extras” as a result of the current economic state).  Stephen Guth from the VMO Blog will get the topic rolling, but the remainder of the time is for discussion amongst the participants.  We’re expecting a great session and one filled with dozens of hints, tips, tricks and tactics.

For this reason, participation is by-request-only for buyers via the form below and will only be guaranteed to the first 25 registrants.  The session will be free to attend, but you are responsible for your own long-distance phone charges (the call is to a number within the continental US). Please make sure your e-mail and contact data entered below are correct, as this is where the participant details will be sent!

Please fill out the form below to register: 

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