Software Licensing Education Series

Always wanted to read the Software Licensing Handbook but simply didn’t have the time?

Purchasing a computer or software in the last 30 years has inevitably brought you face to face with a software license. Whether you realize it or not, that license governs your use of the software and even how you could sell that computer or software later in its life. As an individual, software controls your computer, your appliances, even your vehicle. Businesses of all sizes use software to make their products or bill their customers. And of course, software creators develop new software applications every day and need to know how to protect their rights. Software is only getting more pervasive and the ability to successfully negotiate a software license is no longer the sole realm of the large corporate buyer or seller.

It comes as no surprise, then, that the license will be of key importance as software pervasiveness grows. Unlike other guides, the Software Licensing Handbook was designed to lead you through the twists and turns of the language found in almost all software, maintenance and professional services contracts. Written with the novice negotiator in mind, yet detailed to help even the most seasoned professional maximize each experience through plain English explanations of standard contract wording, the Software Licensing Handbook enables anyone to understand what they are reading.

The Software Licensing Education Series is an audio-visual alternative to the Software Licensing Handbook. All of the same information is presented, but taught to you by the author himself in 20-30 minute lessons.

Buy the Software Licensing Education Series now as a DVD set or individually through digital downloadable format now to reduce your risk and add value your bottom line!

The Software Licensing Education Series isn’t for absolutely everyone. It’s an investment in your future licensing deals. Here are a few recent success stories as a result of using the information in this video series:

  • Actual cost savings of $325,000 on a single maintenance renegotiation
  • Modification of indemnification language to protect against IP lawsuits (remember that a single violation of copyright alone is $250,000/copy + 5 years in prison)
  • Adjustments made to limitation of liability language allowed for twice the amount of recovery otherwise offered
  • 30% license fee reduction across all spend on software for a single year

Of course I can’t promise identical results – deals are different for everyone. But if you are able to gain even a small fraction of the savings realized by some of these clients, the Software Licensing Handbook will have returned its value to you many times over.

Which set is right for you?

DVD Download
Lessons All included Select only what you want
Format DVD MP4
Player Needed DVD Computer or iPod
User Limits* None Personal Use Only
Cost $750 $475

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