Business of Software

The world is getting smaller by the minute, significantly made possible by the internet. People connect in more ways than ever and it’s interesting to dissect the connections themselves.

Joel Spolsky is a software developer, author, renaissance man. His company, Fog Creek Software, not only produces cool tools, but the company itself is a model for others in how to treat your employees with respect and admiration. He also runs a few websites, among them and, as part of that, a discussion board on the Business of Software. Conversations happen on a daily basis between developers and business folks alike – all working on the problems that smaller, usually independent software developers face when creating products.

One of the participants on the the board (and a co-founder of Red Gate Software), Neil Davidson, is helping assemble the 2007 Business of Software Conference. This event is essentially a live version of some of the discussions that happen frequently (plus a lot of bonus material). Additionally, one of my favorite speakers (besides Joel) is going to present this year, Guy Kawasaki.

Feeling a little overconfident, I contacted the organizers and asked if they wanted someone to talk about licensing or negotiation. Come to find out, they have a few slots available – and were going to try something a bit novel to fill them: Software Idol. Each hopeful has 3 minutes to pitch an idea, posted on YouTube. Business of Software newsletter subscribers get to vote. The top three get to come to the conference to present their idea.

It took a few days to arrange, but here’s my submission. Shameless plug: If you’re a Business of Software newsletter member, please vote!

And if you want to attend the conference, I would highly suggest it for almost anyone reading this blog – you’ll learn a lot about the fundamentals of this interesting business.

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