First 8 Sessions of the Software Licensing Education Series Released

In the last several years, I’ve had the pleasure of conducting a wide variety of software licensing training programs all around the country.  Attendees that I’ve talked with at these sessions have all expressed a desire to continue their software licensing and contract negotiation learning experience once they’ve returned home.  For the first time, software licensing instruction is now available in a self-paced progressive learning series.

Announcing the release of the first 8 sessions of the Software Licensing Education Series!

Designed for the busy or on-the-go professional, the Software Licensing Education Series (SLES) is video-based training on the complete gamut of software licensing topics. Presented in a college-course level format, with topics increasing in complexity and building upon prior lessons, the SLES allows an audio-visual learner another way to gain knowledge on licensing topics.  Each video is approximately 20-30 minutes in length, so each Track contains about 2 hours of expert instruction in core software licensing topics!

The 100 Track videos include:
SLES 101 – The License Grant
SLES 102 – Delivery, Testing & Acceptance
SLES 103 – Fees and Payment Terms
SLES 104 – Cross-Platform Portability, Updates, Upgrades and Future Pricing

The 200 Track videos include:
SLES 201 – Confidentiality
SLES 202 – Termination
SLES 203 – General Terms 1
SLES 204 – General Terms 2

(300s-500s Tracks are currently in production and will be released shortly!)

Videos are formatted for a computer or portable video player (such as an iPod) and consist of a slide-show format with voice-over instruction, so you can even learn just by listening!

As promised, purchasers of the Second Edition of the Software Licensing Handbook are eligible for a discount on the purchase of a Track from the SLES.  When redeeming your free Software License Risk Matrix, you’ll receive a coupon code for the SLES via e-mail.

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