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Special Offer for Owners of the Software Licensing Handbook, 2ed

On September 12th, I will be sending out notice to the world announcing the availability of the second edition of the Software Licensing Handbook.  You might have noticed the book picture on the right has changed a bit… yep, you can buy it today (I’ll be available via Amazon and other resellers in about a month)!

This has been an incredible ride – the first edition has been wildly successful … I’m simply blown away by the support of this community of contracts professionals, lawyers, negotiators and supply chain professionals!  So I’ve got all sorts of things planned to make the Second Edition even more valuable to you… and I wanted to let you know about them now:

First, I’ve added more than 100 pages of new material.  I’ve also corrected all of the errors I found (and those that many of you were kind enough to point out to me).

Second, purchasers of the Second Edition will receive a free Symetrisk deal risk review  upon its release (maybe before the end of this year, but I can’t promise anything quite yet… it’s still a work in progress).

Third, as holders of the First Edition have already seen, there are going to be a few special offers for owners of the book(s) not available to anyone else.  Starting today, owners of the Second Edition can get a free copy of the Software License Risk Matrix coded to the Second Edition for those times when a book is a bit obvious in a negotiation.  Additionally, the Software Licensing Education Series is about 50% complete – it’s audio/video training (designed for professionals on the go or for those who don’t have time to read the book)… but book owners will get a discount on the videos.


One week left on special offer!

A month ago, I offered owners of the Software Licensing Handbook, the opportunity to get a free copy of the Software License Risk Matrix. At the time, I said that I was graduating in 30 days that that this was my gift to you! Well, graduation is tomorrow… and the special offer is about to come to an end as well.

Software License Risk Matrix sample page

I want everyone who has purchased the SLH to get your free copy! Just send an e-mail to: , with a subject line that is simply the first italicized word or phrase on page 119. I’ll send you a pdf back within 24 hours.

Easy enough? Great. This special offer ends on May 17, 2008. Come get while the gettin’s good!

CIO Forum this week

This Tuesday through Friday, I’ll be onboard the Norwegian Dawn for the 2008 CIO Forum. I’m participating on a 2-person panel talking about strategies for receiving more value from your IT-related purchases. We’re going to cover the Five Fundamental Skills for Effective Negotiation and you’ll even get a free copy of the Software License Risk Matrix!

If you’re one of the attendees, please look me up… Deck 11, second room from the bow, starboard side – we don’t have to talk about software licensing… I swear.

Additionally, for those people interested in either purchasing a copy of the Software License Risk Matrix or in redeeming my special offer for a FREE copy for those people who own the Software Licensing Handbook… I’m sorry to say that I’ll be slightly delayed in getting your Matrix out to you as I will not have internet access on the ship.  But I will fulfill all orders/redemptions by Saturday at noon (ET)!

Special Offer for owners of the Software Licensing Handbook

If you own the Software Licensing Handbook, I hope you’ve found it extremely useful and have been looking for a way to make use of it more fully. I want to help you do so, too.

For a limited time, I would like to offer you a FREE copy of the Software License Risk Matrix!  (I’m graduating in 30 days and this is my gift to you in exchange for making the Software Licensing Handbook one of the most popular books of its kind!)

Software License Risk Matrix sample page

Yep, you heard it correctly.  Free. Chargeless.  Comp’ed.  Complimentary.  Freebie.  Gratis.  You know… the opposite of the meaning of free software and more like the meaning of free beer.  Except that it’s paper, not liquid.  And you don’t have to be 21 to buy it.  I think you get the picture.

But I don’t know who you are (there are over 400 of you!!!) – and rather than have you send me copies of receipts or pictures with you holding the book up, I think we can make this pretty simple.

So, here’s how we can do this. To get your free copy, just send an e-mail to: , with a subject line that is simply the first italicized word or phrase on page 119.  I’ll send you a pdf back within 24 hours.

Easy enough?  Great.  This special offer won’t be around forever.  Come get while the gettin’s good. (I’m a northerner living in the south… I picked up this phrase awhile ago and have been itching to try it out.  How’d I do?)