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Interesting Contract Terms

If you’ve ever talked with me for more than a few minutes, you’ll discover that I’m a huge Disney geek.  I love the movies, of course… but the Parks are my favorite.  I’d live at Disney World if I could… and apparently, I’m not the only one.  While doing an online early checkin today, here is an excerpt of the terms I got back from the Disney Company:

Neither I nor any member of my party occupying any resort accommodation have/has any intention of making, and will never make, this resort accommodation a legal domicile or principal dwelling. My/our legal domicile is and shall forever be outside the Walt Disney World Resort.

Too funny.


Software Licensing Handbook in Sales Contest

Ok, so your reaction to the title would probably be mine, too: “who cares if the SLH is in a sales contest?”.

Well, perhaps you will… if you were thinking about buying a copy, Lulu is offering a 10% discount off the list price for this May sales contest event.

To take advantage of the sale through the month of May, simply order here and at checkout, enter code “MAYCONTEST10”.

Thank you all for your support (whether you’ve bought the book, are buying one, or just read my little missives here)!

Guth Studying for the Bar

Our good friend Stephen Guth of The Vendor Management Office has been on hiatus recently, studying to take (and probably ace) yet another bar exam.  For those of you who have never tried one, I don’t recommend it.  Usually 2+ days long, 6-8 hours per day.  One half is typically a 200+ multiple-choice question exam called the Multi-State Bar Exam.  The other half is typically essays, based on the substantive state laws of whatever state bar you’re trying to pass.  Recently graduated law students typically spend about a month in bar-prep courses prior to the exam – trying desperately to learn the substantive law of their chosen state (you don’t have to go to school where you want to pass the exam – so most schools don’t “teach to the test”).

It’s grueling work – and if you’re like Stephen – having already passed in one venue and then doing it all over again in another many years after law school, it’s even more difficult – you simply have forgotten much of what you learned that’s outside your practice area.  So Stephen’s disappearance is highly warranted – between work, studying and his personal life, I’m surprised he’s still breathing… or sane.  Which might account for this random post that just appeared on his site.

Stephen:  if you’re out there and listening – hang in there buddy!  You’re gonna’ nail that exam.

Wonder what would happen if this was done in the IT space

This type of survey would actually never work in the IT vendor world (versus vendors or versus customers) for two reasons:  1.  Almost all customer contracts contain confidentiality provisions which would restrict disclosure; and 2.  Almost all vendors would simply shut off access to the service or support (or the license remotely) if the customer didn’t pay.

But I would be interested, nonetheless, to know who the really bad customers are out there.