Warranty Elephant

Even if you have the Novatus Contracts system, warranties for your one-off hardware purchases (software, too) are not easy to remember.  Typically, you don’t even get more than the warranty card that comes in the box.  When your hardware breaks, do you know what the warranty will cover?  Probably not.

Neither did the creators of Warranty Elephant.  This simple (and free) service allows you to record your purchases along with their associated warranties.  No more forgotten warranties, no more misplaced warranty documentation.  Granted, this system was developed for personal use, but here are a few commercial uses I’d find valuable:

  • fleet warranty management (ie: if you have a bunch of vehicles, reminders about when the transmission is about to come off warranty is helpful)
  • one-off hardware or volume hardware that doesn’t come with a more robust specific warranty (such as TVs/monitors, laptops, Aeron chairs)
  • items you used to think were cheaper to simply replace than to monkey around with warranty info (keyboards and mice)

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