Guth Studying for the Bar

Our good friend Stephen Guth of The Vendor Management Office has been on hiatus recently, studying to take (and probably ace) yet another bar exam.  For those of you who have never tried one, I don’t recommend it.  Usually 2+ days long, 6-8 hours per day.  One half is typically a 200+ multiple-choice question exam called the Multi-State Bar Exam.  The other half is typically essays, based on the substantive state laws of whatever state bar you’re trying to pass.  Recently graduated law students typically spend about a month in bar-prep courses prior to the exam – trying desperately to learn the substantive law of their chosen state (you don’t have to go to school where you want to pass the exam – so most schools don’t “teach to the test”).

It’s grueling work – and if you’re like Stephen – having already passed in one venue and then doing it all over again in another many years after law school, it’s even more difficult – you simply have forgotten much of what you learned that’s outside your practice area.  So Stephen’s disappearance is highly warranted – between work, studying and his personal life, I’m surprised he’s still breathing… or sane.  Which might account for this random post that just appeared on his site.

Stephen:  if you’re out there and listening – hang in there buddy!  You’re gonna’ nail that exam.

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