Contracts Technology

Everyone wants to find ways to do their jobs more efficiently.  Technology helps, of course, as portions of a job that are ripe for automation are the first places where technology can step in.  I’ve argued in the past that we, however, are in a unique position – that the jobs we typically do aren’t really attuned for automation.  It might be time to start rethinking that argument, at least a little.

As with any work, to determine how best to automate, you first must break the job down into its component parts and identify those that you can automatize.  So, for a contract negotiator, you may perform any number of the following tasks (and I’m going to paint broad strokes on this one).  For each area, then, here are some of the tools now available to help with those tasks.  Note: I make no editorial comment about any of these tools at this time… I’m just providing them for your benefit/reference.

RFP Issuance and Management


Infotivity’s RFP Templates

Sant Corporation

Contract Review and/or Negotiation


Exigis RISKworks

Contract Drafting or Template Creation

FirstDraft – can’t find them anymore, but they used to be out there  😉

Contract Management – not comprehensive, just the folks I’ve heard about


Blueridge Software (Contract Assistant)

Ecteon (Contraxx)




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