Electronic version of the SLH?

I’ve been asked several times if an electronic version of the Software Licensing Handbook exists. To date, the answer is no. I really like the idea of having a tangible item in your hands, even in a digital age. But over the last few years, the idea keeps popping up… and I guess I’m being swayed by the number of authors willing to put their work out in a form that’s more easily replicable.

So I’m willing to consider it again. Now I’m looking for input. Is the lack of an electronic version been what’s holding you back from owning a copy? Would it upset you to pay almost the same amount for a non-tangible product? I dunno… these are just the things that I think about when I’m faced with the same choice from my favorite authors.

Post a reply in the comments or send me an e-mail. I’m interested in your thoughts!

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