Know your own terms

Look, this is simple.  I preach up one side and down the other to create templates and to use them.  They’ll save you time, effort and risk.

But, for heaven’s sake, know your own terms!  This might sound simple, but not knowing the ins and outs of your own templates will burn you much more severely than any opponent’s terms.

Yesterday, my brother-in-law Kyle relayed the story of a recent plumbing job he needed completed.  The plumber had to return to fix his work.  Near the end of the job, the plumber was talking to the drywaller – who had asked him who was going to pay for the second drywalling required as a result of the plumber’s poor performance.

Kyle was reading the reverse-side of his plumber’s order form (where the so-called small print was listed) during this conversation.  He spoke up that he was appreciative of the 90-day warranty.  The conversation between the plumber and the drywaller came to a quick end as the plumber responded with an incredulous “What?”

Kyle took the opportunity to teach the plumber about the warranty his document afforded – and the fact that Kyle wasn’t going to have to pay for anyone’s service on the repeat job.

So – make things easy on yourself and know what your contracts say.  Memorize them if you have to.


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