Stephen Guth Gives Away Contract Templates

My good friend, Stephen Guth, over at the Vendor Management Blog has decided to go ahead and release many of his “battle-tested” contracts away to you for free.

But, although conventional wisdom says that free advice is worth what you pay for it, in this case just because something is free doesn’t mean it’s without value.  In fact, in one move, he’s immediately given away what dozens of other folks have been charging a lot of money for in the past.  Oh… and we’re talking about Stephen Guth’s templates here… which means they’re gonna’ be really good.

Visit the VMO-Blog for the link (note: it’s up at the top and a little hard to see).  Get ’em while they’re hot – because even if YOU don’t want to use them, your opponents will… so you might as well learn what they say now and use my book to figure out how to counter them.  😉

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