Power play, redux

The other day, I wrote about misuses of power.  More specifically, how trying to throw your weight around doesn’t always work and, in many cases, can backfire.

Now, I have to admit that I’m a Gene Simmons fan.  Although you won’t find me in the KISS Army, I love his reality TV show.  He’s really just a regular guy.  He just happens to have a lot of money and power.  A recent episode showed an incident where his girlfriend of 20+ years, Shannon, and her sister Tracy were at a nail salon.  Tracy was injured and as a result the two of them decided that they wanted to open a salon themselves.

Gene was obviously concerned about the injury, but as a businessman, he wanted to help.  So he brought the sisters back to the salon, whereupon he introduced himself to the entire operation… as the new owner and that they were all fired.

Now, I’m not advocating this type of behavior.  But it was pretty interesting as you can’t always observe this stuff first-hand.  Unfortunately, I can’t find a video clip yet, as it’s a new episode.  The show is on A&E, with the episode #46 entitled “Nail Me“.  I’m sure they’ll offer a rerun soon.

If you do watch and find him at least mildly amusing, watch for hundreds of other such examples of one person displaying this type of behavior… it’s more of a pattern for him.  Oh, and every now and again, there are licensing issues that he’ll talk about as he manages the KISS merchandise portfolio, too.

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