Microsoft Equipt

Back in April, we started talking about Microsoft converting home users to a SaaS model, originally code-named Albany.  Today it happened.  Microsoft has finally released a subscription version of Office. That’s right. $69.99**/year allows up to three home-use computers (the same as the regular version of Home and Student) the ability to use this new suite, called Equipt.  The key advertised benefit is that you’ll get all new versions of Office so long as your subscription is current.

Folks – just as I was talking about in the discussion on Invoicing, please watch your pocketbooks on this one.  The current cost of Microsoft Office Home & Student 2007 is $147.00 per Circuit City’s website (which is how you will be able to buy Equipt).  Microsoft releases a new version of Office approximately every 4 years.

Four years of Equipt = $69.99*4 = $279.96.

Oh, not to mention that Internet activation will be required.  Which means that they’re going to be keeping a much tighter grip on the leash this time.

Hmmm…  😉


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