What does it take to start a conversation with you?

OK.  I’ve had over 113,000 hits … more than 100,000 reads.  Oh my god.  Seriously?

Yeah.  Really.  I’m shocked.  I didn’t know that many people were really interested in this set of topics.

But I’ve been trying to start a conversation with you.  I want your feedback, your comments, your ideas, your thoughts – anything on your mind.  These topics aren’t static – we have a lot of issues going on daily that need smart people to consider and write about.  YOU are those people.

However, I don’t seem to be able to encourage you to write to me or comment on my posts.  I’ve tried controversial topics, controversial ideas, provocative comments – even bribes.

So, what does it take? Even if all you want to tell me is “Shut up, Jeff, we just like to read what you write.” ok, then tell me that.  But at least let me know to stop expecting comments.

Please don’t think me whiny – it’s just really hard to tell if I’m doing/saying something valuable without feedback.  🙂

See you on Tuesday… we’re going to be talking about SOWs.

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