TechnoLawyer BlawgWorld

Software licensing is just one of a host of legal issues now covered online by a variety of bloggers. Some of the folks I mention in my blogroll to the right discuss many other important topics on a daily basis.

BlawgWorld 2007 is an eBook published by TechnoLawyer, an aggregator for legal blogs. The 2007 Problem/Solution Guide enables you to find solutions to 185 common problems – by providing you the “best of the best” posts from a lot of these blogs throughout the year. These solutions are organized by topic, including case management, depositions, discovery, document management, legal research, time-billing, etc.

No registration is required to download the book – it’s a free PDF. If you’re one of my lawyer-readers… or just enjoy legal topics, you’ll enjoy the book – and probably find a few new blogs to add to your feedreaders – just like I did! My only disappointment was that I didn’t find out about them soon enough to get one of my posts listed in the 2007 guide, but look for me in 2008!

Enjoy the free eBook!

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