Rick Chapman Praises the Software Licensing Handbook

The just introduced Software Licensing Handbook is an invaluable guide to one of the software’s industry’s most maddening and, at times, controversial topics, software licensing. Since the introduction of the end user legal agreement (EULA) in the late 1970s, software companies have struggled to negotiate successfully the web of various rules and regulations that govern copyright, trademark, patent, and trade secrets. At 216 pages, this handbook is a compact and succinct guide to when you’ll haggle over software license terms and conditions and how to do it well.  Of particular interest is the book’s scenario-driven approach. In most the chapters, a common point of contention between the software licensor and licensee is described, followed by an outline of the issues that underlie the topic and suggested negotiating points for both sides. This is the type of book any software senior executive should keep close to his/her desktop for immediate reference when needed. Highly recommended (and in some cases, critical). Available online at: http://www.licensinghandbook.com.

Rick Chapman

Soft*Letter Volume 23, #2 (1/31/2007)

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